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We were in Bangkok trying to find a boat cruise to take us up and down the Chao Phraya River.

A taxi driver suggested this one company; we went there, and found out that an hour-long tour was only USD.

And never get in an unlicensed cab — no matter how amazing the deal is! I’ve been in many cabs where they insist my hostel has been closed for months.

Another cab driver scam: your driver will try to tell you your hotel or hostel is overbooked or even closed. I mean, you wouldn’t have booked it if it was, right? A note on taxis: In this smartphone era, we have our power back.

You arrive in a new country and head to a bar, where a beautiful local comes up to you for a chat. You have some drinks and amazing conversation, and go to a new bar or club that she suggested.

However, after a wild night and lots of drinks, the woman disappears and you’re forced to pay an overpriced bill with some really big guys bearing down on you to make sure you do.

You rent a bike, and then when you bring it back, the owner demands additional payment or expensive repairs because there is some damage you didn’t know about.

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Additionally, ride services like Uber place accountability on drivers, which greatly reduces the likelihood of you being cheated. You’ll see people on the street playing a card game (sometimes known as three-card Monte) or hiding a ball in a cup and someone guessing where it is and winning money. In this scam, common in Europe, a friendly person will approach you for a quick chat, then place a bracelet around your wrist or hat on your head, or give you a little sprig of rosemary.

Or, worse, you get drugged and wake up completely robbed of everything on you.

The simple solution to this is to be wary of attractive women who promise to take you to the world’s best club, get you drinks, or are overly flirtatious, especially when you stand out like a sore thumb as a foreigner.

To avoid this, take photos of the bike first to document any previous damage.

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Go around it with the owner so they know what you are taking pictures of.

Don’t allow anyone to put anything on your body, and be extremely wary of accepting anything for free. There you are, minding your own business, and someone spills something on you. They are profusely sorry and offer to clean it up, dabbing the stain, and apologizing.

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